About Me & This Blog

Hey! It's ya pal, Mhaladie. You can call me Julien or Elizabeth if you want. I started this blog because I take a damn ton of photos. I look through them all the time and reminisce about the places I've visited and lived. But I am really bad at keeping any kind of active presence on social media, so pretty much the only person who has seen any of my photos or knows what I'm up to at any point is me. It would be nice for those thousands of photos to feel a little less pointless!

This blog is called Particle Trails because I studied physics in a former life, and still have a wistful nostalgia for it. And trails, particles... that kind of sounds like it could be about photography and travel, right?

I have a lot of interests besides travel, photography, and physics. A selection of these include: painting, illustration, independent comics, Star Wars, Gunnerkrigg Court, Overwatch League, printmaking, Taylor Swift, and the Abhorsen books. Any number of these may come up tangentially on the blog.

You can find the various art I do on my twitter and instagram in the navigation bar, as well as on Behance.